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Jackin' Episode 18: Keepin it Deep.
October 30, 2010 02:24 PM PDT Welcome to another amazing episode of the Jackin' house music show. Im your host DJ Sir Round. I feel fortunate that I had the opportunity to hang out with several house music influences this past couple months. Big ups to Paul Johnson who invited me and my boy Turbo for a blunt session right there in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. Nothing like being a bit faded and checking out all the stars and vibes down in La La land. Also shouts out to Osunlade, nice hanging out wit ya, Ron Trent, Nice set and Jessie Saunders one of the pioneers!!! Hey, here comes a great show for you. I know the year isnt over yet but Im sure theres not gonna be any song hotter this year than the heat that Mass destruction unleashed. When you put Terry Hunter, Kenny Dope, Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingly together look out. Check out the tune and many other stompers in this edition of the Jackin' show. Peace.

Abigail- Black Sauce
Free My Mind- Teddy Douglas feat Margret Grace
Late Discovery- George Levin
Crazy- Black Coffee pres. Thime
Messe Messe- Gregor Salto & DJ Gregory
Jero-Ferer and Syndenham
Cumbia Lolita- Joyce Muniz and Shonti Roots
Gotta Have It- Wattie Green
NO MORE MIND GAMES!!!!!-Mass Destruction!!!!!! feat Byron Stingly!!!!!!!
Cant Hardly Wait-N Dambi
Your Soul On Mine- Ptaah
Karizma- Necessary Madness
It Will Be- Ezel
La La- Angel A

Jackin' episode 17: Live from Groove Suite
July 11, 2010 11:06 PM PDT Greetings house music lovers. Thanks for all the support you have shown us and to the new followers, welcome, thanks for all the kind words and hope to see you around these parts often. Heres an extra special Jackin show to start your summer off right. Here was a live Jackin show that was recorded a couple weeks ago at a local house club, Groove Suite. Thanks to Matt E Starr and Ben at Groove Suite for their hospitality. Enjoy the show!!
1. Ayro-Bounce(spinna remix)
2. Rachel Claudio& Babas D-Butterflies-Ralph Gum Vocal
3. The Layabouts &Pete Simpson-Thank You-Doruk Ozien vocal mix
4. Black Coffee-Gardens of Eden feat Zonke-ralf GUM vox
5. Clemens Rumpf and David A. Tobin- I will Be Lifted
6. Angel A & Doc Link-Lifts Me Higher-Jose Carretas Remix
7. Jamie Lewis and Michael Watford -Its Not Over-Monster Phunk Mix
8. Elisabeth Troy-Higher Ground- Aquarian Vocal mix
9. Larakki-Dig
10. Jo Cutler feat E-man-Its Yours-Joey Negro Mix
11. Dr. Kucho vs Mike Haddard&Royce Haven-Lloraras-Johnny Fiasco Remix
12. Brazillian-Original mix
13. Burrini Carasco-Tu Eres EP-Mahalageasa re edit
14. Missing Links-Got a Minute-Can You get a grip
15. Grant Nelson-Brazilian Knights-El Ritmo

Jackin Episode 16: vocal workout
May 11, 2010 11:22 AM PDT Whats up househeadz. Lots of great djs came thru our fair city in the past month. Big shouts out to Chez Damier, Craig Alexander, Tim Harper and Jessie Saunders. Stay tuned to Jackin because we will have some amazing original production surfacing really soon. Lots of soulful stuff in this months show. I kept the mix pretty vocal heavy this time. Got some new tunes by the Muthafunkas and a few exclusives to boot. Enjoy the show!

Jackin Episode 15: Coffee House
March 06, 2010 07:46 PM PST
itunes pic Hows everyone doing. What a beautiful day in Portland. Spring is in the air. Really stoked cause I got a chance to see my favorite DJ in the world , Louie Vega, and his amazing wife Anane beat us into a pulp at"Temple" in San Francisco. The setup at the club was amazing. The lower level of the club was playing mediocre R&B and (c)rap (not hip hop which i love but the autotuned crap you hear on the radio) which was populated by people that dont go to clubs for the music. This left the most amazing dancefloor and sound system for all the true heads to enjoy Louie,Anane and David Harness without all the BS of a regular weekend crowd. Brilliant! It was rammed and thick with great vibe and smiling faces. Hope you all like the show, starts out soulful and vocal and I visit some new school jackin traxx. I end up deep and techy. Something for everyone. Hope you take the time to let me know how you like the show. Peace

Special-Pevan Everett
What Happened to Us-Jinx feat Carla Prather
This Thing Called Love-Marc Evans-Meme remix
Clap Your Hands-Dj Pierre, Marshall Jeferson-Soulsonik remix
Dont Tell Me-Ethan White & Marie Tweek-Jay j shifted up vocal
Mary Mary-Grand High Priest-M&S club Mix
If You Ever Call Me-Paul Johnson
Lets Go Back-Wes
The Realness-Sonny Fodera
TTU Rag-Wattie Green
What Day Is It-Junia Ovadose
Play the Part-Organized Crime
Funky Shiz-Andrew Phelan & Origami
Rawtronik909-Cristian Soule
Jumped-Harry Choo Choo Romero
Sixteen Billion Drum Kicks-Cosmic man feat Technasia and Marku Ribas
Smash the Silence-Irfan Rainy & Rex Leon
Far Away-Kimara Lovelace
Swollen-Bent-BenWatt Vocal mix
Yeah-Rainer Weichold-Kaiserdisco Remix
The Playmaker-Anthea & alex Celler
Sketches EP-Kenny Larkin
Mas Que Nada-Robbie Taylor and Marc MacRowland remix
I Like it Like That-Roy Davis Jr and Juan Hoerni

Jackin' Episode 14: winter edition
November 24, 2009 11:31 AM PST Hey y'all welcome to another episode of the Jackin' show. Its been a while since our last episode, thanks for hanging. We've got a lot of new listeners this time around so Id like to welcome all of them to the show. I'd also like to welcome all of those of you who have come here thru Ive got a hot show for you this episode featuring my favorite new track by Dennis Ferrer "hey hey" and an all time favorite "let the wind blow" by fertile ground. Ive got a banging afro/latin set in the middle of the show and I tech it out at the end. Stay tuned for my special gospel show to come around christmas time. Enjoy the show.

Let The Wind Blow-Fertile Ground/Oneness of Two Mix
If I Stay-Arnold Jarvis
Stay with me-Glenn Lewis/Terry Hunter
We Are One-3 Amigos feat Dawn Tillman
Let It Rain-Mustafa/Ezel Remix
Hey Hey-Dennis Ferer
Oasis-Aaron Carl/Nick Holder Vocal dub
Oya O-Raw Artistic Soul Feat Wunmi
Pa Casa De-Adam Cruz
Ole-Mastiksoul Classic Remix
Spiritual Salsa-Stacy Kidd
Festivo-Mirco Violi
Planet Sax-Aaron Ross
Tweek & Roll-Josh Wink & Blakket/Mirus Remix
London Nites-Tom Bulwer & 2deep
Silent Tears-Martino
Lover-Ellen Allen
Me & I-Me & I
Days and Times-El Prevost feat D ham and Tina Penni
Choice-Cristos Kedras/Jon Cutler remix

Jackin' Episode 13: Underground Soulful House
September 27, 2009 11:44 PM PDT
itunes pic Welcome friends old and new. Ive got an amazing show for you this month. Lots of new vocal tracks the first half of the show and then we get down to some serious deep afro/latin/tech vibes for the rest. I must have listened to this mix 2 dozen times in the past couple days and I can honestly say that If I heard it in a club I would not take a foot off the dancefloor. If you are feeling it please leave a comment and turn a friend on. Word.

1.100% of Stalking You-Will Rodriquez: Born to Funk vocal mix
2. Dangerous Girl-Franck Roger
3. Morris-Bah Samba:Quentin Harris re-production
4. Dance-Kenny Dope pres. James Rouse
5. Were Gonna Make It-Muthafunkas Spiritually sound Remix
6. Feel Good Things For You-Daddys Favorite:Nicola Fasano and Stevie Forrest dub
7. Higher High-Ralf Gum feat. Daniel Thomas
8. Chicago Delight-dirty Hands
9. East From Savanna-GummiHz
10. Advice From Father-Terry Hunter Pres. KGOSI
11. Damn Those Beats-Dave Mayer
12. Butch-Amelie
13. Kharma Mantra-Kharma
14. Lambada 3000-Gregor Salto & Kaoma
15. Amelia Pt 2-El Rojo Alma: Jay Vegas & D lite go greek rmx.
16. Samba Latina-MoD pres. the Latin Tribe
17. Blackout-Lil Louis
18. Hysteria-master Kev & David Tobon feat. John Crockett
19. Remember-Teresa Jenee: Kaytronic Dub
20. Precious-Spencer Gray feat Imani

Jackin Episode 12: BURNING MAN SPECIAL!!
August 15, 2009 01:29 AM PDT
itunes pic soulful house for your earhole
Welcome back to Jackin. Ive got a really inspired mix for you this month. Ill be heading down to Burning Man again. Ive been going since 1996 and it is an amazing gathering of radical multimedia artists from around the world. Needless to say it involves a lot of fire and a lot of loud music. Burning Man throughout the years has developed its own style, its own culture, its own sound. I have been very fortunate in that I have had the opportunity to contribute to the culture of burning man. I have been involved in many different projects throughout the years from temple building to ambient soundscape installations to bangin' it out after the burn for 800 or so burners and a few manataurs to boot. So, for this months Jackin show Id like you to put on your headphones, close your eyes and take a trip with me to the playa of Black Rock city, Jackin' style. See you on the playa!!

Its Alright-John Oudo feat. Dionne Mitchell
Dancefloor-Stacy Kidd Feat Tai DAvis
Deep Inside-Hard drive (Mr V soul channel Remix)
Back To Me-DJ Jorj feat. Michelle Weeks and Byron Stingly (DJ Rork Vox mix)
Darkness Falls- Nick Holder feat Gentle Aura,
Find a Way-Masirah(atjazz remix)
Liebe'Detail 27-Coyu & Edu Imbernon
Bom-Reelsoul&Alix Alvarez(Alix Alvarez dub)
Agnostic-Jewel Kid
Whatever-Sandy Rivera & Andy Daniell (Andy Daniell Remix)
Zambesi-Christian Hornbostel pres.Zons of Zambesi
La Mezcla-Michael Cleis feat Toto La Momposina
Love and Happiness-River Ocean feat. India David Penn vocal mix

Jackin' Episode 11: Summer Heat Up!!
July 09, 2009 02:17 AM PDT
itunes pic soulful house for your earhole. W'sup people of house!! Glad to have you back. Wow It has been an amazing summer. I am totally feeling the summer vibes. If you are new to the show, glad you found us and if you are one of our regular listeners, man its great to have you back. Thanks to everyone for leaving comments and subscribing to the show. I try to make the shows cd compatible so if you wouldn't mind, burn a copy for a friend or burn a disc for the car and bump it LOUD with the windows rolled down. Share the love. God I love summer!!!

1.Bernard Badie Feat Dajae-truth hurts
2.Cieko Kinbara-Time To Love (Grant Nelson Remix)
3.Fanftix feat Alison Crockett and Nathen Haines-Fly
4.DJ Man X & Albert Menendez feat Blaze-Consequences
5.Lady Alma and the Rainmakers-Let It Fall(main Mix)
6.Flowriders-Russelology (aphroDisiax vox mix)
7.Eric Kupper presents K scope- Stargazer
8.David Durango-Tierrra Nueva
9.Josh Wink-Everybody to the sun
10.P'taah feat Tiombe Lockhart-Dance Until We Die (Kenny Dope Remix)
11.Hideo Kobayashi-endorphin EP
12.Michelle Weeks & Dawn Tillman Feat Laquana Jones-Were Gonna Make It
13.Ian Friday Feat Erro-Everything
14.Soul Deep Collective-Release Me
15.DJ Spen and the Muthafunkas Feat Ann Nesby-Its so Easy

Jackin' episode 10: For our Podomatic Family
June 02, 2009 10:40 PM PDT
itunes pic Soulful house for your Earhole. Glad you made it back! So, it just hit me the other day how many great soulful house shows there are on Podomatic. Its seems that Podomatic is becoming the go to website for quality soulful house music. I want to mention a couple of my favorite shows. dj Crookid has a great show of seemlessly long blends of some seriously deep house music. Ive been using up all his bandwidth listening to his show almost daily. One of our oldest podomatic friends and another favorite show is dj Francesca's podcast. This NY dj really brings the heat. Finally, check out Double Dee's podcast. Deep soulful and techy, just the way we like it. We love our Podomatic family and this show is dedicated to all our friends and all our fellow podomatic soulful house djs. 1. Heather Johnson-You and Me/1200 warriors rmx 2. Visions-Gregory Del Piero feat. Billy Love/Charles Spencer Rmx 3. As is the Ocean-Timmy Vegas 4. Get Yourself Together-Demarkus Lewis feat. Marissa Guzman 5. Put Your Back Into It-Peven Everett 6. The Afronauts-Dj Oji and Dj Buzzard 7. The Dance-Gyasi/Lars Behrenroth Rmx 8. Tired Little Ones-Bah Samba/Yoruba Soul Vocal 9. Diosa-Shlomi Aber 10. Passage-Osunlade/Stefan Goldman Macro Version 11. Dark Days-Martino/83 west rework 12. Japanese Prayer-Marlon D 13. Gigolo-Franck Roger 14. The Rhythm Pt 2-David Harness 15. Feel-Trackheadz/Instrumental 15. Finally/acapella